Discover Cameroon and contribute to the conservation of its wild species and the welfare of the people. An unforgettable experience.

Our international volunteer program is now open as the return of activities in the schools with the children is at hand for the 2016/2017 school year, This term we have established an elaborate E.E program for the schools ranging from around Yaounde to other regions and with priority of this year activities given to schools situated in the back country…

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We have accumulated already a lot of experience in managing volunteers since 0ur establishment in 2008 in Cameroon.

We plead with enthusiastic people who can self-finance themselves to volunteer with us.
Volunteers must have good  skills English skills. Good knowledge of French will be very helpful , we also help volunteers from Spanish and German expressions to adapt with us as we speak and work with these languages.
We have maintain good conditions for our volunteers and interns as low as possible.
The minimum duration for our internship and volunteer program is 3 weeks and ranges to 2 months and more depending on the wish of the volunteer.cinthia2
We are currently working with several schools across Cameroon and meet thousand of children every week, this is an ideal platform for anyone who wish to work with the children in educating and orientating them on the basics of environmental awareness.
A mobile classroom could save the lives of many animals.
We also offer seminars and forums where students and teachers from our created nature clubs in the universities and higher institutions meet to talk and learn about nature.
We are also envisaging the putting in place of an innovative mobile frame work in the teaching of Nature to children known as the mobile classroom, this platform will bring together children from schools of the different parts of the world via a video to express to children from the othschool3er parts on their knowledge about the environment thereby bringing to reality the global vision of the campaign for nature. we will conclude on this once done with our partner schools abroad by this year. Here on the right is Wolfgang Anton Heilmann, the founder of WPE Cameroon teaching kids at his Yaounde residence in 2009.
The accommodation for our interns and volunteers is very simple and need, we offer several foods to our guests, European cooked food and we also try to make our  guests have a pleasant time as possible during their stay with us like visiting touristic sites around the country and meeting the various traditional kingdoms of Cameroon.
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Many volunteers have visited Cameroon under the banner of WPE and have left and gone with great impression of the mission, goal and objectives of the organisation. We go on inviting you to transform your vacation in  Cameroon to a humitarian adventure and seize the pleasure to protect nature by talking to children or participating in other ways round in the same mission. Your contribution will be a contribution of sense as it is a contribution to nature. We will give you a complete balancesheet of how your money is spent and reports. Check below for volunteer information on the contribution list and volunteer requirments before visiting Cameroon.
With us you will have the privilege to address to thousand of children of ages ranging from 5 to 12 years in the schools as well as meet students in the colleges and universities to debate and share on a common problem of the environment nature and its protection.
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