WPE – Cameroon Student- & Teacher Network

The idea to connect people by a virtual network with each other was already realised with the ” WPE Cameroon students and teachers network”. In connection with the farther WPE members and a net of knowledge and exchange already exists with it and can be continuously developed.

We provide the Internet platform “children for nature”.

By the medium of Internet the members of the students and teachers of our global

Children welcoming the environmental teachers

network and all children are able and can communicate virtually with each other, the WPE members and other people who are interested or belong to the circle of knowledge and exchange with each other.

All members carry exemplary engagement in addition to the ideas behind WPE to the people and in particular to children through educative talks and video projections, music, theater arts, drawings and field trips.

In the WPE Cameroon Forum “children for nature” children exchange themselves virtually and attach a sustained friendship. The teachers of the network bring thus experiences close to the children. Thus a sustainable sensitization originates for the living space nature which is also ours.

So far we have carried on with the education of children in schools on a pilot phase and the response has been quite impressive quite surprising was the interest children have for nature. Our aim is to carry this education further to colleges, universities and especially to remote areas in the whole country. workshop students

We also intend to frequently organize training seminars, forums and workshops for further education and sensitization even for adults and with the aid of partners on how to reverse the current situation which however is not the best.

We equally hope in the nearest future to take action against those who have deliberately refused to heed to the call and are mercilessly destroying nature thus impoverishing our country and increasing poverty; since we can no longer receive enough tourists whose presence brings foreign currency and creates jobs, and above all we we might loose our pride of Africa in miniature.

We are hereby calling on all youths lovers of nature, NGOs and Individuals to practice what they preach. Business people and companies to show some level of corporate social responsibility unless they want to do business in a lifeless society.

So be a leader in the fight against nature destructors as you have been for Pandemics around the world.