The WPE team keep growing and increasing, last June 2012 we welcome our newest member.Rabbiatou MIYEN, she is a second year student in LAW at the university of Yaounde 2 SOA. Look into her personal profile and see what she has to say!!

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The more real lovers of nature connected with our project, the more can be done.
Group of dedicated youths. The future lies in the hands of the youths, as well impowering youths to undertake such initiatives is the possible way forward for a safety future.

Everyone can participate. The further the WPE community grows the better the chances to be succesful. For to manage actions and running costs such as Internet and telephone etc., however, a small contribution of 60 Euro per year is recommendet.

Teachers & students from Cameroon are released from membership payments. They all are active for to life in a better environment. Familys as members only count one time for members fee.
email us at: or contact us by phone on: 00237 7500 9518/ 9609 1387

Here are all the current members of WPE-Cameroon, their pictures, profiles and their position of reponsibility in the organisation.
Honorary President and head of the staff MR.KUANG HILAIRE. Joint 6th March 2012 and was voted as President by the general assembly of Sunday 23th May 2012. Informatician and web designer by profession and working with Election Cameroon ELECAM. Here is what he has to say;
“I joint this campain first because i’m a nature lover, secondly because i came accross a WPE exhibition and i took a lot of time to discover the project which matches with my desires of spreading the knowledge of Environmental protection to the society and thirdly because the work convinced me and that i found it as a possible media where i can express my concern in the saveguard of our unique environment. For so far it has been a success and with the great work in the schools i feel much more satisfied and willing to share and push forward this project”.

RAUL DICKSON AWA, ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR. Joint WPE in June 2008 through the late founding President Wolfgang Heilmann. Full time worker at WPE. Graduate from the University of Yaounde I.Undertook a training course in Environmental protection and Wild life conservation at LAGA Cameroon 2O10. Here is what he has for you;
“I know Wolgang and he described to me his ambitions and the ECO-PROJECT campain, it convinced me and i decided to joint him in the campain. To say that i share a great concern and love to nature. Since then we have witnessed a lot of things good and bad, excecuted several projects accross Cameroon and beyond before witnessing in 2010 the death of Wolfgang which greatly marked me as well as the entire members of the association. It was an ambitious project and we decided not to let down and till date the project is a great success accross the country. I will be very happy if you can also learn about WPE and joint the campain to give your own support in the protecting of Nature!”

AWAH RODINE MBAH- ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR AND FINANCIAL SECRETARY. Joint WPE 10 July 2010.Full time Worker. Graduate from the University of Yaounde II SOA.Here is what he has to add;
” I joint WPE because of the important work it is doing for our country, our unique environment and nature, i did started as a volunteer before becoming an employee due to the great progress in the establishment of the organization.I’ll like to encourage each and everyone who comes accross this pages to try and join this project either as a volunteer, member and benevolent.

LANDRY NGUETSA.COORDINATOR OF PROJECTS. Joint WPE June 2008. Full time worker at WPE.Graduate from university of Yaoundé I.Artist by profession as seen in the image. Here is what Landry has for you;
“To begin with this citation of the former Sec.General of the UN and Nobel peace prize winner Koffi Anan; he said; “…to feel powerless infront of the rate of degradation, some are doing nothing but there are some that are under taking a silent revolution.” This is what motvated me much, the word silent revolution, given that many are still ignoring the degree of the degradation of the system and some are fighting night and day to save nature from collapsing. This explains why i decided to joint this movement, because it’s a silent movement with great impact on the changing of the world.I discovered through many that the protection of the environment is a global issue and that each and everyone is called upon to give his contribution.Working with WPE and the children, i feel paying back to nature what it has done foe me, for us and to the future generations.What are you still doing?”

KHAN GODWIN.HEAD OF LOGISTICS AND PUBLIC RELATION MANAGER.Graduate from the university of Yaoundé I. Full time worker at WPE.Computer maintainance as well in profession.Joint WPE December 2010. Here is what he has for you;
” I became a volunteer at WPE because i acknowledged the work of Wolfgang and the rest after discovering them through a media.I decided to joint and share my own experience and give to the children what i have as concern and love to nature.its another way for me to pay back to nature what it has given to us as life.As such protecting the environment is an obligation every one must under take and WPE provided to me that idealistic plat form for this Expression. Joining this organization is joining the right path to the protection of our only source of life on earth,this to those who are still hanging and ignoring this. Thanks”.

EMMANUELLA YOUNGYEH. GENERAL SECRETARY AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANT.Graduate from the University of Yaoundé I and student at IRIC(International institut of International Relations cameroon) Part time worker at WPE. Joint since February 2011.

RABBIATTOU MIYEN, MEMBER. Student University of Yaoundé ll SOA.

MEMBUGHLA POLIKARP.MEMBER AND BENEVOL,Gardener in Yaoundé and caretaker of the WPE Nursery. He opted to voluntarily work for the project and participate in his own way in the fight against global warming.