WPE Eco Tourism

WPE Eco Tourism

WPE – social responsible, nature and culture referring Eco Elephantstourism.

WILD PLANET ECO TOURISM makes your African dreams come true!

Experience the magnificent nature of Cameroon and unique WILDLIFE.

Ancient diverse cultures, which have survived the ages and

breathtaking landscapes!

In Cameroon everything is found what one imagine under Africa. Therefore, Cameroon is also called ” Africa in miniature “. WPE – offers individual Cameroon adventure travel. Discover the unique nature in the congo bassin and you meet real kings, princes or princesses.

Eco Tourism aids the region and offers work for the locals. The acceptance of the project is very high amongst the population. WPE Eco Tourism offers work with a future. Through Eco Tourism, the openness of the population is hightend for issues of nature conservation. Tourists come to enjoy unspoiled nature; if destroyed they go elsewhere.

In Uganda, for example, gorillas and chimpanzees attract on average 20,000 visitors per year. Permits to visit gorillas (at US$500 per visit) and chimpanzees (at US$ 70) brought in US$ 4.7 million dollars in the year 2007 alone.

With hotels and other services, over 70,000 jobs have been

Gorilla face

created, putting tourism at number one in Uganda’s foreign exchange earnings.

Gorilla and chimpanzee tourism has brought into the country on average approximately US$ 300 million dollars per year.

The communities living around the national parks where apes are visited also benefit from a revenue sharing scheme.

To date, over 181 community projects in form of clinics, schools, community centres, bridges, roads, local community camp sites, maize mills, water project, among others have been built from ‘gorilla and chimpanzee money’.

The remaining Nature and Wildlife, that are still existend today, can


only be preserved by commercializing nature conservation. WILD PLANET ECOPROJECT is taking a critical and self-critical stand in this regard. Which means, we don’t suggest an ideal world, but make you aware of problems and issues. The tourist portion of WILD PLANET TOURISM is a commercial business, yet has charitable aspects with regards to the corresponding project parts.

We offer daytrip Safaris, rain forest excursions, multi-day tours and packages with emphasis on nature and nature preservation.

In 1960 Cameroon had just 599 rooms at 37 hotels to offer. In 1980 these were already 7500 rooms. In 1971 29,500 tourists visited the country. In 1980 the figures on 130,000 and 1998 have already risen on more than 200,000. For 2010 1,000,000 visitors are expected. Most tourists come from France, England and Canada. During the last years the number of Tourists from the German-speaking countries also increase.

As a participant with one of the WPE tours you get a view into the reality. You will see rich nature, however, also the immense destructions and the problems linked with it will not keep away from you.

Tourists come to enjoy the wonderful nature. If destroyed they will


stop coming.Therefore it is then clear that these two activities must match together since one cannot operate without the other. the Eco-system offers wonderfull things for man to see and as such there will probably be no tourism if the ecology comes to be estroyed.For example no one wish or like to visit the desert for touristic purpose simply because there’s nothing there to look for, else in the sub-tropical Africa these natural gifted resources are still very much available though in total menace of extinction.Cameroon being one of these countries,we endeavour through our action to preserve the Cameroonian reach wildlife.

It is most important to create balance between nature and tourism.

Tourists pay a lot of money to visit the last big open spaces of Africa.

Investments in a social-friendly and environmentally friendly tourism bring yield and create employments and prosperity.

By the visit of the tourists the nature becomes a protection-worth object.

Partners and Investors in our Eco Tourism Projects are welcome.

Please, contact us by e-mail for farther questions and interest in our tour offers.

By your participation with WPE Eco tourism you directly support projects for nature conservation. A part of the income is a benefit for the WPE nature conservation projects.