Tree planting


Tree-planting ceremony with children and teachers

This event took place on the 20 Feb. 2011 at the Bethelhem School in Febe – village on the outskirt of the Yaounde city, during the period February -November 2011 WPE have planted some 300 trees in schools arround Cameroon in it GREEN SCHOOL PROJECT that was designed to provide school campus with shedding trees for out doors kids activities.This went with a lot of success and we still plan to reach higher steps this accademic year 2011-2012,here is a sample of these trees today.[

Some 16 of the 33 schools visited by WPE benefited from this donation and the remaining WPE partner schools are certainly going to benefit too on their turn, Now we are doted with a garden and a nursery that raise young trees and as such all the tree planting projects are going to be sustain by this nursery.You can also support our garden and nursery project if you are interested in tree planting to fight the global warming problem.

These activities are  still to be continued in other parts of the country particularly in the northern Cameroon where we have baptised a project GREEN SAHEL that is aimed at planting trees in the region to combat the desert approach.You can choosed which of WPE project that interests you on the rubrique PROJECTS and show your support, WPE will help you realise your contribution to nature.

These trees were donated to WPE by a partner association based in France in WITTENHEIM;sauvegarder la faune sauvage.