Environmental education

Environmental Education

ultivate this awareness with the children in school.
Cultivate this awareness with the children in school.

Proper education and awareness is an important aspect of our interaction with nature.
One has to recall that even in the rich countries recognition of the value for preserving nature is fairly recent. It only makes sense, to cultivate this awareness with the children in school.

We call our education program “The Great Ape Campaign”.

Beside the education in schools single actions such as educative talks even with adults and parents, video projections, theater arts, drawings and visits of rain forest and nationalparks take place once in a while.

School Partnerships

Schools in Cameroon with schools in United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland are virtually linked up. The understanding for nature could be hightened, by educating children, farmers and other affected people, by teaching how to effectively use natural resources in a socially responsible and nature preserving manner.

WPE etablieshes Nature Lessons in Cameroonian Schools. The main point is the protection and the behaviour with nature and lastly the natural environment. In addition there are actions and education with computers.

The virtual Exchange over E-Mail, Skype and, if possible also with Webcam – offers a big fun for the children.

In the WPE Forum only for children is an exchange on an international level. Feedback of the children in cameroon is very large. The teachers are just given a helping hand on how to handle the computers and the internet programs as well as the problems with different languages.

Beside that, this forum is Forbidden for adults !

The children will communicate over email, Skype and Webcam on a real-time basis with each other.

The Great Ape Campaign will bring a lot of fun to the children and adults as well as promote the conscious and awareness of the environment and the need to preserve it.

Educational projects for adults

The educational projects with children are sustained and cause a long-term change in thinking. Nevertheless, the situation in central Africa is threatened so massively that programs to reach a short notice are necessary. It is to be considered that, if it goes on in such a way, during the next 5-10 years most rain forests are cleared and no more great primates exist. Not to mention all the other animals. Therefore, projects with adults are urgently necessary. WPE will start, for these reasons, also actions in churches. Here adults are demanded directly and also pointed out to them, to them being incumbent, responsibility.

Workshops for teachers

To strew our educational programs further and to set up in many other schools it is to be prepared urgently to teach Teachers to set up “environmental education” by themself. To promote this, WPE, in cooperation with Betterworld Cameroon, in future also organises Workshops for teachers.

The Vision is a mobile classroom, equipped as a rolling multi media

A mobile classroom could save the lives of many animals.

center, in the entire country. Such a project can help a lot to change the mentality of the people to save nature and its environment. A mobile classroom could save the lives of many animals.

Active species protection !

The children own the future !

The adults are responsible !