Action 2011-2012

click here:WPE EDUCATION 2012 for more information in images on education.
This year 2012 we’re also going to work with some local councils arround Yaounde to help in hygiene and Sanitation, we clean some gutters and canalisations arround the city together with the youths of these quarters.
Despite having increased considerably the number of schools attended at this stage last year, we still look forward to engage more and more students to participate in the campaign, having been working with many environmental clubs from several colleges and universities, we have this February 2012 given the opportunity to the students of the Nature Club of BETHELHEM LEGRAND college FEBE near YAOUNDE through a 1 week internship program on Environmental Education and the conservation of wild species, to take part alongside us in the schools and in the fields, to participate practically in the process of education and conservation.

The one week program took the students to several primary schools and also to diverse forums on sensitization but numerous visits to parks,zoos and some typical tropical forest expeditions for learning. All these goes in the WPE action plan of nature protection through education and the initiation of youths in the process of nature campaign projects.

The WPE team, dedicated Cameroonian activists, reconstructed the organization after the loss of its founder and launched the new WPE.

The latest activities include:
WPE continous in 2012 as 2011,this time arround we are building our garden and also a sanctuary that will help in the future rehabilitate animals.We are opening a nursery that will help us rear many trees to plant in our future projects,


Hygene and sanitation

Environmental education2012 also we’re also going to widen our net work of schools giving that last year we visited some 33 schools around Cameroon with some eestimated 12000 kids attend and also puppet theatre shows on education,Education starts as from next week 10th January 2012..

Bush meat fighting with sensitization with poster


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