About us

W.P.E – Wild Planet Eco-project was a non profit Organisation in Switzerland and registered and become an association in Cameroon. W.P.E is active nature conservation. This goes only together with the people. We teach environmental education at schools and villages. Solutions are compiled near to reality, together with the people on site.

Our slogan is: Action while others still talk.

The nature can do without us but we cannot live without nature !

W.P.E – WILD PLANET ECO-PROJECT ‘s Mission is, to preserve Flora and Fauna, protect endangered wild animals, conserve wildlife habitat and act against destruction of nature and the environment. Climate protection and CO2 balance. With W.P.E no separate subject its of course program.

W.P.E consist of a growing group of dedicated nature lovers. Ideas and knowledge, networked with people in the fields of operation, the W.P.E Cameroon teacher and student network and pupils from different countries sets positive accents. WPE – The organisation which exerts itself actively for the preservation of the last natural living spaces and protection of endangered species.

Flora and fauna on all continents, is in danger. The list of species threatened by extinction is long and growing daily. The Last Great Apes are in the Focus of our work. We fight for Peace between nature and human being.

We establish environmental education in schools and we support partnerships between schools in Cameroon and schools abroad. Partnerships are organized by W.P.E in collaboration with N.G.Os abroad.

Our Goals:

  • Target and reach all children in the schools with environmental education
  • Sensitize the local people on the need to protect and preserve nature and the environment.
  • To increase awareness for better treatment of animals and to assist in the containment of the bush meat problem and the illegal trade in animals.
  • To develop in children, an interest in local biodiversity, landscapes and the wider environment, and an understanding of ecological, social and conservation principles.
  • Encourage the youth to pursue their interests in nature and conservation.
  • Enable the youth to be part of the solution to some of the environmental problems facing them locally, nationally and globally through investing in them as the future generation.
  • In the long term the program intends to reach out to the wider community and therefore help in changing the attitudes within the community towards the conservation of Cameroon’s natural heritage.
  • To involve the teachers and members of the community in an environmental education process aimed at individual and social emancipation as well as the development of environmental education materials that are relevant to them.
  • To encourage teachers and the members of the community to address environmental issues and risks affecting them, animals and plants in their communities.
  • To encourage the government of Cameroon to pass laws that will strictly support the protection and preservation of nature and the environment for a healthier planet. The long-term goal is to help conserve the endangered flora and fauna and to limit all sorts of pollution.
  • To help avoid any environmental crime and to fight against it if necessary.

It is time to act with W.P.E, join us and be part of the journey.