Green School projectThis is a one month old jack plant planted by the wpeW.P.E under the “GREEN SHOOL PROJECT” which is a project envisaged since 2010 to help change the vision of schools around Cameroon. After haven visited many schools around Cameroon the W.P.E came up with the conclusion that many schools don’t have trees in their campus and there was born the idea of the Green school project.
This vision is planting of trees in school campus so as to help combat dryness but also trees which can serve beautify the school, the environment at large, but also help provide shed to pupils during outdoor periods.Here is WPE team(Emmanuella and Raul) in association with the Student nature club of the University of Yaounde 1 during a tree planting operation under the green school project.The project is also extended to the Universities.

This project has so far went on successfully and about some 20 partner schools with W.P.E have already benefited from the project. These tree planting sessions serve also as outdoor activities to pupils who as well are educated on the importance and the necessity of trees in the society. The Green school project is still in extension as not up to half of the W.P.E contacted schools have benefit the project.