Here is a porcupine on sale after a fruitful hunt.Help us condemned this activity


Big anthropoids, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and other species like the grassland porcupine locally called Hérrisson in cameroon is one of the most hunted specie around the Mbam division of the centre province.It can easilly be found on sale on the Yaounde-Bafoussam high way precisely at Makenene bus stop;The number of this specie has greatly reduced as was comfirmed the killer of this one seen on the picture.”today you can spent the whole day in the bush and you cannot find one…” he said. are endangered to become extinct – some of them more, others less.

Despite of that, in the equatorial forests of Central and Western Africa they are hunted and then killed and traded as food.

This problem is commonly known under the name bushmeat, which means meat of wild animals. No other thing, should one think, as to hunt and eat red deer, roebuck or wild boar in our home forests.

But the situation is different.

Maybe, if bushmeat hunting would be limited and only done by the people living in the forests, the problem might eventually not be too serious.

However, there is an army of about 1,000 commercial bushmeat hunters roaming through the rain forests of Central Africa and shooting hell for leather. This resulted in a butchering worth an estimate of 2 billion dollars only last year. Amongst the animals killed were about 8,000 of the endangered big apes and other animals figuring on the list of endangered species.
Here is a porcupine on sale after a fruitful hunt.<

Bushmeat is a highly paid exports article. People are willing to pay high premiums to be able to eat big apes. The number of animals affected exceeds the number of animals living in zoos and laboratories worldwide.

If the butchering continues at the same speed as actually, the remaining wild apes of Africa will be extinct within the next 15 to 50 years. With them, major part of the equatorial rain forests and the cultures of the tribes who have been living there for thousands of years will disappear.

If we wish to put an end to the slaughtering of protected and endangered species, we urgently need projects aiming to effectively instruct the people in these countries and to change their minds and thinking. It is necessary to show them that there are other possibilities and alternatives.

The environmental protection needs to be commercialized. Ecological tourism, just as one example, can demonstrate to the people living near the rain forests that it is worth to protect floral and animal life instead of destroying it. People involved in trading and exporting must be prosecuted and threatened with heavy sentences.

Time has come that those of us who are concerned about the survival, the well-being and the future – if there is any – of the rain forests, the apes and the life in Africa in general, that those of us who criticize now start to go into action. It is not enough to look at the TV screen and to enjoy the movies and reports about fauna and flora of Africa. Anyway, most of the movies existing today are old and no longer actual.

WPE has now launched various projects in Kamerun with the target to change the situation as described above. WPE is working hand in hand with other organizations and with all the people who want to deal with this problem. The Kamerun network of teachers and students, for example, is actively co-operating with the residents to find solutions for the problems in their country.

We will continue to highlight the bushmeat problem here on this website by placing new articles and photo documentations.