In memory of a dear friend and a Nature lover

Wolfgang Anton Heilmann July 2010-July 2020 10th Anniversary.


   Founder of Wild Planet Eco-project Cameroon  1956 – 2010

29th July 2010-July 2020, it’s 5 days to 10 years day by day since you departed to the world beyond. All your friends, sympathizers and members of your initiative Wild Planet Eco-project you initiated in Cameroon are remembering you in this special month in the life of the organization  Wild Planet Eco-project Cameroon. You may not be here anymore but your work is still alive and lives to inspire many more generations to come.

“Your love and dedication to nature that you vowed to protect and die while doing just what your heart desired most is a great source of inspiration that have inspired me in particular and many to this course, you died on the battle field as a hero protecting nature for humanity and this is priceless. Your memory will live and prevail through your Wild Planet Eco-project dream you started realizing and that have gone a long way through the years to impact the course you fought and were fighting for…”  Raul Dickson.

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